The Aztecs

Excerpt from Forging a Nation:

In about 1260 A.D. a ragged tribe of wanderers, known as Mexicas were searching for a place to settle in the central highland of Mexico.

For nearly two centuries they had wandered, landless, friendless and persecuted, guided by their Priest-Astrologer, Tenoch.

The name Aztlán, an island from which they had started somewhere in the forgotten northwest, was a faint echo as they migrated ever southward, divinely led by their Wizard-God, Huitzilopochtli.

Generation after generation an elite guard carried their stone God on a litter, a God who commanded them to plant corn and rape and steal and make war and move on to the promised land where they would see an eagle perched on a cactus on an island with a snake clasped in its beak.

Sparks shot from his stone eyes if they rebelled, weary of traveling. In return for his guidance he demanded the blood of human sacrifice…

To learn how the Aztecs came to rule central Mexico, read the full story here.

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